You Have A Bsod Problem In The Windows Experience Index

In this blog post, we will identify some possible causes that might be generating bsod in the Windows Experience Index and then I will provide some possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem.


  • 1. Download and install the Restoro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    Scores between 4.0 and 5.0 for intensive multitasking and/or high-end work may be sufficient. Anything 6.0 or higher is top notch performance that allows your computer to do whatever your website needs. An experience

    Why Do I Need To Complete A CAPTCHA?

    How do I improve my Windows Experience Index?

    The base grade is based on the subject with the lowest partial grade. Thus, you need to improve your performance counts in order to improve your base score. Now the only way to improve your excellent count is to upgrade your hardware. For example, to get a better memory system for each sublayer, you need to add more or possibly faster memory.

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    What Can I Do To Avoid This In The Future?

    Is Windows Experience Index accurate?

    Dell considers WEI to be a reliable measure of component performance system or troubleshooting. Microsoft recommends that WEI be used only as a tool to help customers determine which hardware updates can best impact the performance of these systems.

    When you’re online, like at home, your company might run a virus scan on your device to make sure it’s free of malware.

    If everyone is in the office or on an extended network, you can ask the program administrator to scan the network for misconfigured and infected devices.

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  • Laptop crash during playback (BSOD) in conjunction with Windows Experience Index

    64-bit Windows

    Okay, different, so I’ve had this disorder for a few weeks now. At first I thought that all our video cards were faulty. When I ran the Windows Experience index, everything broke in the part where it should evaluate the graphical design map. So I sent this what I did to the manufacturer and experimented with the new one, but the computer STILL freezes. Maybe the motherboard is faulty – I don’t know.

    Another remedy was to use a command inspired by “sfc/scannow”, a . It didn’t work anyway. me

    It has all the almost necessary drivers. The only thing I absolutely can’t install is the graphics card’s display driver, other reasons don’t matter.

    So the graphics card was Nvidia geforce GTX 660 TI and the motherboard was ASUS P9X79. They are compatible with each other.

    bsod in windows experience index

    Here is the BSOD code that looks like there is a failure in the Windows index (ranking)

    Name experience withbeing a problem: operating bluescreen

    System copy: 6.1.7601.


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    Setting ID 1033

    Additional regional information about my issue:

    CB code: 116

    BCP1: FFFFFA801DE874E0

    BCP2: FFFFF880051D4F50

    BCP3: FFFFFFFFC000009A

    BCP4: Version: 0000000000000004

    Update OS: 6_1_7601

    Package 1_0

    Item: 256_1

    Improved problem file description:


    C:Users###AppDataLocalTempWER-64225-0.SysData.Our xml

    Read the simplicity statement about online:

    If the Zum mantra online privacy policy is not available, please review the offline privacy policy: txt

    Please, I’m sick of most of these accidents. They get boring.



    Ok, I decided to chat with you guys, because no one actually answered for some time.

    The problem is definitely overheating. got it

    What is a good Windows Experience Index score for gaming?

    The Windows Index (WEI) ranks the processor, hard memory, disk, and display application as an individual “group score” from 1 to 5.9, with the lowest divisional score being roughly the “base” score. The Aero interface requires a base partial score of 3 to run, although a base score of 4 10 is recommended for CPU-intensive games.

    I how to solve this problem. All I liked to do was increase the speed of the GPU fan. GoodBy gifting this I was able to successfully install the GPU driver and play Xbox video games. (Use to optimize GPU fan speed)

    I hope this will be useful to someone.

  • bsod in windows experience index

    Each time I ran the Windows Experience Index on this PC, it locks the PC when the situation reaches the evaluating processor.

    Each time I run the Windows Experience Index, it helps determine the rating of this computer and locks up the person’s computer when it reaches the CPU rating. PC keeps restarting, everything seems to be losing online video. I’m too cold to help you get it back. GeForce evga Nvidia 8800GT card. Current Site Drivers. AMD 955 Phenom II X black Edition 4. Redesigned for PC. tech55,


    Hi, did you try to submit a scan here as:

    1 sfc?. Just click start.

    2. Click All Programs.

    3. Click accessories, right click command prompt.

    4.To Click, end task as administrator.

    5.If prompted for an administrator password Please or confirm, enter your password, then click Allow Continue or.

    6a will ask dad to type sfc /scannow press and to login. When the scan is almost complete, restart your computer each time for the changes to take effect.

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    Bsod I Windows Erfarenhetsindex
    Bsod Im Windows Erfahrungsindex
    Bsod V Indekse Opyta Windows
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