What Is Dtsrun Return Code And How To Fix It?

You should read these troubleshooting ideas when you receive a dtsrun return code error code.


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    dtsrun return code

    I want the email series to be saved as scheduled files.
    this was created in SQL Server 2000 (SP2) running on Windows 2000. I have some kind of perlscript
    that runs unattended all night and therefore controls the execution of my < br> packages using dts, the exact dtsrun utility. The Perl script receives the return code
    from dtsrun and checks if it is 0 before continuing with the next package
    . The weird problem is that dtsrun will probably often return error 1 or 2, or the script will end with a perl error. If I’m worried, save the file for most dts packages. This indicates that this package was successful but disastrous in the body chemistry log “Line Failed” error:. If I run
    dts again with no change, nothing, the software is fine, it works and if not, then I run it a third time with no change, nothing, then it almost certainly works
    definitely well .

    Why should the dts package sometimes return a fantastic error, and sometimes

    **************************************************** ******* *** * * ***** **************************
    * ******* *** * * ***********
    Successfully executed the following DTS package:

    Package name: Copy MCC_Config to MLStaging Description
    of the package: (null) < br > Package ID: 15D21024
    -6616-432f-834a-92102b7f3629 Package version: 898D84A7-6219-41DC-8865-8B478E6B83DF
    Package start line: 73AD7CA0-819D-45D7-B59B-628AD017 br> Running: 1 /2002 16:18:08
    Completed: Execution 13/05/2002 16:18:10 Total
    2 Execution time:.At time 694,

    Step execution information package :

    Step ‘DTSStep_DTSExecuteSQLTask_1’ failed

    Error source ‘step: Microsoft Transformation Services (DTS) package data
    Step error description: Crash < br>

    Step code: error 8007FFFF
    help step on error: sqldts80.hlp
    Help context ID for step error: 5300

    p>Run step on error: sqldts80.hlp startup: 05/13/2002 16:18:08 Execution of step
    completed: 05/13/2002 16:18:08
    Total execution time Step duration: 0.14 seconds Step execution counter
    : < 0 br>

    Step ‘DTSStep_DTSExecuteSQLTask_2’ failed

    dtsrun return code

    Step ‘DTSStep_DTSExecuteSQLTask_3’ completed successfully
    Step execution started: 05/13/2002 16:18:10>
    Total step time: 0.02 seconds execution
    Step counters: 0 executions


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    Step ‘DTSStep_DTSDataPumpTask_1’ prevails
    Step Execution Started: 2002-05-13 16:08:08 Step 13 Execution Completed: 05/2002 16:18:10
    Total Step Execution Time: 2.434 seconds
    Progress counter in 229 steps : < br>

    Step ‘DTSStep_DTSDynamicPropertiesTask_1’ won
    Execution of step Started: 05/13/2002 16:18:08 < Execution of 13 steps.05/2002 16:1 8: Completed: 08
    Total time step step execution: 0.32 seconds progress
    Number of steps: 0 *************************
    * ** ** * **************** **************************
    ** ***************** ******

    Please share the SQL Server version and service you are using
    in future posts. If you are using Server 2000, sql see the following Der
    documentation online:

    I hope this helps,
    Farooq Mahmoud [MS SQL Support]

    This publication is sold “AS IS” without warranty of any kind and without transfer of any rights.

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