How Do You Deal With Foscam Socket Error?

You may encounter an error message indicating a foscam socket error. There are several ways to solve this problem, and we will deal with it now.


  • 1. Download and install the Restoro software
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  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    allFor Foscam HD cameras, the default HTTP port number is eighty-eight. cameras For eos sd series 89xx, the default HTTP port number should be 80. In our example, it is quite simple. We need to forward the external port (8505) to the local IP address and the digital camera’s local port. ( External modules 88)

    foscam socket error

    RTSP: 400 Bad Request

    As you may know, Blue Iris uses its own RTSP (Real Streaming Protocol) time to be able to send a command to the SLR and request the appropriate video stream. you are entering the correct RTSP URL, otherwise you will often get an RTSP error: 400 Bad Request.

    How Do I Insert My Repair Camera?

    How do I reset my Foscam camera?

    Overview: This article will certainly introduce the reset process of a specific Foscam camera. Sometimes the user may forget all the passwords for the user camera or reset these special settings and need to start over. This procedure restores the camera to the settings made when visiting the factory.

    Open DOS to control cmd and type netstat – ano to get the local port. We then try Windows Task Manager, maybe check “Processes” and nWe go to the software on computers that completely occupy the port for running the cam plug-in service, then stop the policy. Then reinstall the specific plug-in and the house will work again.

    Step 4: Set Up Some Cameras

    The plug-in ensures that the IP camera connection is working correctly and you will most likely see images. We will now set up the IP camera so you can start it up. Follow the step by step INITIALIZE plan below:

    foscam socket error

    Rtsp-stream Door

    2019-07-07T22:12 :20.015 Z [INFO] [192.168.2.] CONNECTED rtsp2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [INFO] [ ] CLIENT STREAM to rtsp SPECIFIED: Door (STREAM: dd462f32-7ab3-4869-9e75-e1ca469e3480)2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [INFO] [192.168.2.] 29:38325 ENDPOINT rtsp 192 socket connected.168.2.61:5542019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [DEBUG] [ ] REQUEST] [client –> [DESCRIPTION] rtsp:// :443/STREAM :dd462f32-7ab3-4869-9e75-e1ca469e3480?session=263314c4-ab4b-4188-bc60-a779200ed4812019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [TRACE] [ [CLIENT ] REQUEST] –> [TITLE] “application/sdp”,Fireagent user:”accept”: OS/ Stagefright/1.2 (Linux; Android 5.1.1)”,”cseq”: “1”2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [DEBUG] [ REQUEST] ] [endpoint –> [DESCRIPTION] rtsp:// [TRACE] [ [ENDPOINT ] –> REQUEST] [TITLE] Agent”:”Accept”: “app/sdp”,”user “Fire OS/ Stagefright/1.2 (Linux; Android 5.1.1)”,”cseq”: “1”2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [DEBUG] [ ] [ENDPOINT [401 <--response] (unauthorized)] (session=undefined)2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [TRACE] [ ] [ENDPOINT RESPONSE] [HEADERS] <-- "Hisilicon"Server": Broadcast Media Server/1.0.0 July (30 2015)","cseq" "1","www-auth": : "Basic realm="Hisilicon"2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [INFO] [ ] RTSP ENDPOINT AUTH: Requires Basic realm=”Hisilicon”.2019-07-07T22:12:20.140Z [INFO] [ ] BASE rtsp endpoint ATTEMPT2019-07-07T22:12:20 auth:.140Z [DEBUG] [192.168.2.] 29:38325 REQUEST] [endpoint –> [DESCRIPTION] rtsp:// [TRACE] [ [ENDPOINT ] –> REQUEST] [TITLE] Agent”:”Accept”: “app/sdp”,”user “Fire OS/ Stagefright/1.2 (Linux; Android 5.1.1)”,”cseq”: “1”,”Permission”: “Basic Y2hyaXM6Q2F0ZnJvZzE=”2019-07-07T22:12:20.155Z [DEBUG] [ [ENDPOINT ] RESPONSE] <-- [400 (Bad (session=undefined)2019-07-07T22:12:20 request)].155Z [TRACE] [ ] [ENDPOINT RESPONSE] [HEADERS] <-- "Hisilicon"Server": Broadcast Media Server/1.0.0 (July 30, 2015)","cseq" "1"2019-07-07T22:12:20:.155Z [WARNING] [ ] RTSP RESPONSE endpoint ERROR: [DESCRIBE] 400 (bad = request)2019-07-07T22:12:20.155Z [DEBUG] [192.168.2.] 29:38325 [CLIENT RESPONSE] <-- (Bad [400 Request)] (session=undefined)2019-07-07T22:12:20.155Z [TRACE] [ [CLIENT ] REPLY] [TITLE] <--"Server": "Streaming Media Server Hisilicon/1.0.0 (July 28, 2015)","cseq" "1"2019-07-07T22:12:20:.155Z [INFO] [ RTSP ] CLOSED endpoint socket [ ]2019-07-07T22:12:20.155Z [INFO] [192.168.2.] 29:38325 RTSP CLIENT EXIT CLOSED2019-07-07T22:12:20.155Z [INFO] [ ] RTSP CLIENT DISCONNECTED FROM STREAM: Gate (STREAM:dd462f32-7ab3-4869-9e75-e1ca469e3480)

    Top 9 Tips To Fix IP Camera Wi-Fi Connection Or Operation Problem

    If you have a mobile IP camera or a wireless IP camera system and the IP camera’s Wi-Fi is in high range, won’t connect or my ip camera stays offline whether it’s outdoors or indoors, you can try some practical solutions to fix it.


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