FIX: Boot PS3 Boot Disk

I hope this guide will help you if you spot the ps3 boot disc.


  • 1. Download and install the Restoro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    it cannot work with Microsoft Windows, probably Apple OS X, but it can work with Linux operating systems. There may be many variants of Linux, but the most popular is Ubuntu.


    This update method can finally be used when your ps3 system is not connected to the internet. Download to update, zip up your system, and then save it to any USB drive. Copy the saved file to the system storage of your PS3 system, update to the specific system.

  • PS3 system
  • The computer is connected to the Internet
  • USB storage device, such as a USB flash drive.
  • 1. Folders are created on your computer’s USB drive to store each of our update files.on

    How do I reinstall OS on ps3?

    Select Settings > System Update. Select “Update via Internet” Download the latest data as updates, usually from the Internet. Follow the instructions on the Market screen to complete the process.

    Create a special folder named “PS3” on the first computer. In the following folder, create a folder named UPDATE.

    2. Download and save the update in the applicationRemove the folder created in step 1 “UPDATE”.

    3. Connect the USB storage device containing the update file to the PS3 system, then select “Settings” > “Update System Software”.
    using the on-screen function.


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    If your PS3 system does not recognize the update file, please check that my folder and file names are correct. Enter folder names in addition to the file name in single-byte characters with capital letters.

    We recommend that you pay for this page from time to time, which is useful for system software updates, and always maintain your system to make full use of the latest product software. To check the system software version, go to “Settings” (Settings) > systems “Update > (System settings) [System Information].

  • This system software update improves system performance.
  • This machine software update improves system performance.
  • Facebook is deprecated.
  • System software
  • improves the company’s debt.

  • Icon
  • and PSN name have been updated from PlayStation to Network.

  • Improved system stability when using a Playstation 3rd format software package.
  • Do not receive
  • not install updates using data other than any official update data available on the Internet or on Sony Computer Entertainment discs, or install updates using methods not contained in the system or forms described on this website. If you download or install update information from another source, from a different concept, or with a PS3 system that has been altered or modified in any way, the PS3 system may not function properly and may not be able to install elegant update data. . Any of these methods may void your PS3 system warranty and affect your ability to obtain warranty and repair services from Sony Computer Entertainment.

    System software and system software update supportThe cookies installed on your system are subject to a new limited license from Entertainment Sony Technique Inc. Visit for more details. >
    Settings (Settings) > Settings (System settings) > [System software] field.

  • [Install a different operating system] then a [Default system functions] disappeared in later versions 3.21 and system software. You will not be able to use [Install a different operating system] and it may be [System set to default] under > settings (Settings) Preferences (system settings).
  • See Consumer Site Plus notifications for more details.
  • play

  • In order to use two or two programs, or use only a few functions, you may need to update the system software first.
  • Depending on the software version of your PS3 system, the general screen image and icons usede on this website may differ from images on other systems.
  • You can update your system technology in one of the following ways:

    Download the update data using a PC or save space on media* or one large capacity USB flash drive. Copy the most important update data to your Playstation 3 Slim system hard drive and run the most important update.

  • PlayStation 3 system
  • A
  • Bluetooth controller
  • USB cable

  • PC with Internet access.
  • Media media (USB flash drive, SD memory card, CompactFlash)* on a high capacity USB flash drive such as a USB flash drive (at least 195 MB free space
  • *Some required)
  • corresponding models require a USB card (not included) to use media.

  • Create this folder on the media where the modified data will be stored. Using From PC, create an absolute folder on the USB device or flea market named “PS3”. In this PS3 folder, create a file named “UPDATE”.
  • data

  • Download the updates and save them in the “UPDATE” directory created in step 1.
  • save the Required Update Dates for the dates below. If the data is stored incorrectly by the system, the PS3™ will not comply with the data update. The folder name must be in upper case.

  • Location save: save the whole folder “PS3” > “UPDATE”.
  • folder

  • File address: save as “PS3UPDAT filename.PUP”.
  • Do not turn off
  • not the current PS3 system, and do not remove the storage media of the USB device, or especially during the update. If the update is interrupted prematurely, the system software may be corrupted and the system may need to be repaired or replaced.

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