How To Fix Recaptcha-wrong-captcha-sol Error

If you encounter the recaptcha correct-captcha-sol error, this user guide will help you.


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    =correct-captcha-sol Problem with private key Check for spaces when deleting the key.


    I’m trying to add reCAPTCHA to the World Wide Web, but I always get an error incorrect-captcha-sol, I’m going to send a response.

    Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    I have a simple index.php which contains contact.php. In contact.php I added this:


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    require_once('recaptchalib code.php');$public key = "XXXX";$ private key = "XXXX";// response with reCAPTCHA$ respectively = null;// error code provided by reCAPTCHA, if any$error = null;if ($_post['submit']) $message is equal to $_POST['message_txt'];$name implies $_POST['name_txt'];    Is $email equal to $_POST['email_txt'];        $emailBody = $message;    = $to 'xx';    $from = $name.' <'.$email.'>';    $subject means 'XX website'; request $headers is ' 'from:.$from;            $resp implies recaptcha_check_answer($privatekey, $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $_POST["recaptcha_challenge_field"], $_POST["recaptcha_response_field"]);        anytime ($resp->is_valid)        echo 'Captcha OK';        if (mail($to,$subject,$emailBody,$headers))            // echo 'mail sent';            $confirmation means "sent";                Next to you            //echo 'mail not sent';            $confirmation means "error";             until        # Set each of our error codes so that we are most likely to see them. you could use something else        # die("reCAPTCHA if it didn't fail"), using the error message        More friendly room                $error = $resp->error;                echo $error;   

    What is a reCAPTCHA verification?

    which can provide protection from spam and abuse by robots. The engine type presents the user with a web page, all containing simple Turing tests provided by the common Google reCAPTCHA API. These tests can distinguish a human user from a functional robot.

    Message Colspan="2">

    recaptcha incorrect-captcha-sol error

    I don’t see what else I’m doing wrong, but I’d better help.

    Issue Description

    Why is my reCAPTCHA failing?

    Chrome is not usually updated to the latest version One of the many common causes for this error to occur is an outdated version of Chrome. ReCAPTCHA will actively check the browser version before you can access it. This applies to all versions of the browser, not just Chrome.

    Since July, several customers, in addition to almost everyone else, have complained that reCAPTCHA tokens are not being accepted because websites bypass reCAPTCHA. We did a series of experiments and found that the reCAPTCHA API usually returns an error when validating a token:

    How do I resolve the CAPTCHA error?

    Visit “About Your Browser” in the “Pizza” menu, which should normally trigger a browser update automatically. only As your main browser is updated, try refreshing the page. Now your captcha error can be fixed.settings

    This issue not only affects our service, but everyone who passes reCAPTCHA on websites in your hands – the website will not accept a new solution when the issue is resolved.

    recaptcha incorrect-captcha-sol error

    There is no description of the incorrect-captcha-sol error in the Returns reCAPTCHA API documentation. We don’t actually know the cause of this error, but we do know about some available dependencies.

    Possible Causes Of Incorrect Captcha Sol Error

    Invalid IP Address

    It looks like reCAPTCHA has a score class for every valid IP address. If you pass reCAPTCHA several times a day (no more than 50), and then do it for sure, your IPOK. But if you make a lot of mistakes in the time part of the challenge, close the challenge without completing it, or complete more challenges per minute, your IP address will be banned and you will get a marriage celebration, resulting in a bad captcha.-sol for API check time.

    Doesn’t Handle Cookies Well

    Google note also for all users. When you visit these or reCAPTCHA sites, a cookie is placed on you. Google analyzes your online strategies and evaluates whether you are a real person or a robot with full vision.

    How do I enable CAPTCHA?

    In the resource pages, click “Advanced”, then go to “Foreign API Keys” and scroll down to “Google reCAPTCHA”.Click on the link and get a Google API ReCAPTCHA key.Click Management Console v3.Enter which identifier will help you identify your place.Click on reCAPTCHA V2.Youcheck the box “I’m not a robot”, one than. ReCAPTCHA verification technique

    So if a user with a certain number of cookies sends many reCAPTCHA requests per day, even if they are created from different ip addresses, it is a scanner and a scanner level if the call was successful. The website visitor gets a green flag that returns incorrect-captcha-sol due to reCAPTCHA during token validation API.

    What is reCAPTCHA token?

    When an end user initiates an actual HTML reCAPTCHA action, Enterprise willyours sends an encrypted response, called a user response token, to the end user’s browser. For any type of website page key injection (checkbox or score), you need to create a score by applying the generated token to the test endpoint.

    Hell, if you sign in with your own Google account, all your recent activity will be linked to your savings account. And if in the past Google decided that you are a robot in this case, reCAPTCHwill be rejected in most cases (about 75%).

    How To Avoid Sol Captcha Errors

    To avoid the number of bad tokens caused by the return of our service, we regularly delete cookies in employee applications, and also measure the quality of employee IP performance.

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